It is actually sad that after been to soo many hackathons, nobody never proposed something like that. When I heared the idea I knew it that I had to do it

What it does

It automatically tracks your mobile, and warns you in case of being in a disaster zone. Optionally it was about to get the chat feature, but the time didn't reach

How I built it

First of all we have the true power, the backend, holding all the queries strongly without even slowing down. Then to connect the users and emergency services, I built an iOS app, with the habiltity to see if we are in danger or not, and a webservice that allow emergency workers to find people in an affected area

Challenges I ran into

CORS, hundreds of petitions per second, live tracking, geoJSON parsing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Solving the challenges previously mentioned

What I learned

I improved all my experience on nodejs swift and webapp, but also I get in touch again with leaflet, learned how firebase works...

What's next for Emergency-helper

Live Chat feature, and algorithm improvement

Links description

Github repos(1 backend,2 webapp, 3 iOS) Webapp hosted on github Rest backend on scalingo

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