Problem 1) People Stuck @ home thanks Covid-19

People who are at risk due to health problems or elderly people as well as people in quarantine are currently stuck at home for an unpredictable period of time. In case of lack of support from neighbours, family members or friends, these people suffer a food shortage or have to accept the risk of leaving the house. In case of leaving the house it is 1) a strong health risk in case they belong to the risk group 2) an increased risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus in case they belong to the quarantine group.

Problem 2) Gastronomic Businesses.

Due to the corona pandemic, gastronomic businesses (restaurants, hotels and catering services) are severely restricted in their opening hours or have been forced to close completely, depending on the city or state; further restrictions can be expected. There is almost no income, but costs are still running. Thousands of businesses are on the verge of insolvency and the announced aid of the government has not yet arrived or is not taking effect. ...It's not possible to predict how long this dramatic situation will continue.

Solution: snacklink!

snacklink is the application to maintain the food supply for people who are currently forced to stay at home, either because they belong to the risk group or because they are in quarantine. snacklink acts as an intermediary platform for food between gastronomic businesses and people in isolation. People who are currently not allowed to leave their homes can obtain food bags/boxes from restaurants, hotels, catering services, and at the same time save local businesses from insolvency. Restaurants, hotels and catering companies secure the food supply of those people in isolation by using their skills in the creation and calculation of food portions. The bags/boxes contain food for at least 2-3 days. Volunteers so-called "runners" pick up the meals and bring them those in need. Payments are made digitally via the App. Bags/boxes are subsidized by the German government to make them affordable for all income groups.

On the one hand snacklink solves the supply problem of people who are stuck at home, and on the other hand it supports the local gastronomy. It has great potential to help our economy and society in the difficult times of the Corona pandemic!


  • People stuck @ home

    -Who belongs to the People stuck @ home? All people who cannot leave their house because of the Corona pandemic. This includes people who belong to the risk group and people who are in quarantine.

    -Can I also place orders via the computer? It is currently not possible to place an order via the website. To place an order on our platform, you need a smartphone or tablet on which you can download our app. This is especially useful as it allows the app to show you the stores near you via GPS when you are on the road.

    -Do I know in advance what food/meals I will receive? If you select the profile of a restaurant/ hotel/ catering service in the app, you will find a short description of the food/meals. This will give you a rough idea whether you can expect, a hot lunch that needs to be reheated, baked goods, cold snacks. However, what exactly ends up in your bag/box is always a bit of surprise.

    -How can I pay for my order? Currently, you can pay your orders cashless in the app by Mastercard, VISA credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay or instant bank transfer. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay cash on site in the store, because this is not practical within our concept. To pay with Sofortüberweisung, however, all you need is a normal current account, which you can use for online banking. Buying via PayPal is also very easy and setting up a PayPal account is free.

    -How do I take my order? You can track the "runner" via the app and see when he will drop your package at your door. Please do not open the door! No contact should be made.

  • Gastronomic businesses

    -I would like to participate with my company - how do I do that? It's very simple: Register using the form on the app for companies.

    -There are not many rules for the design of the box, but the following conditions must be met: 1) Bags/boxes must be prepacked for pick-up. 2) The bag/box should ensure the food supply of one person for 2 days. 3) Products requiring refrigeration should be refrigerated until they are picked up. 4) A rough description of the content of the bag/box should be provided in the app. Each company can offer three different boxes. Ingredients known to cause food intolerances must be labelled. 5) As soon as all bags/boxes are picked-up it needs to be posted within the app that no more bags/boxes available on that day.

  • Runners

    -I would like to help - how do I do that? It's very simple: Register using the form on the app for runner and activate GPS.

    -How does it work? You indicate when you have time to help and which means of transport are available to you. Afterwards, one or more boxes will be assigned to you based on your location and your time slot. You will find out where you have to go and to whom you have to bring this box. The task of the runner is voluntary. Since our usual leisure activities are limited and we want to tackle this crisis together, we are happy about everyone who wants to participate.

Further Information:

Further Facts

  • The German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga) has surveyed almost 10,000 hotels, event caterers and restaurants on the effects of the corona crisis. Of the participating restaurants 73 percent reported losses in turnover, among the caterers almost 85 percent and among the hotels around 83 percent. Around half of all the businesses surveyed spoke of losses of up to 50,000 euros, the other half cited even higher figures.
  • In Berlin, customers are already reporting that the dates for the delivery services of Rewe and Edeka are fully booked for days.

With regard to the evaluation criteria

  • 1) Prior experience? No, completely new developed idea! We developed our idea Friday night over a glass of wine.
  • 2) Innovation level? We do not use new technology, but the idea does not yet exist to that extent.
  • 3) Scalability? Yes, all countries affected by the corona pandemic could benefit from this solution.
  • 4) Progress? We started with nothing. Since we sat together in one room we decided to do it alone instead of having long and never ending discussions with others. If there is an interest in continuing with our idea we would like to involve some more people.
  • 5) Comprehensibility? We hope so ;-)


Protection of Local Gastronomy | Support in Living in Isolation | Protection of Risk Groups | Prevention of Distribution COVID-19 | Healthy people who currently have plenty of free time can take up another activity and show solidarity

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