We wanted to be able to make a digital version of a telephone operator, and one of the best ways to implement this is to use this for emergency situations where human error such as misunderstanding what the person is saying could cost fifteen seconds. These fifteen seconds may save a life.

Based on the input from the user, it sorts the user's emergency into three different categories: fire department, medical department, and the local police. Based on the category determined by the program, the program contacts the respective department and gets the location of the user to send the officers to them.

Using a java IDE, we programmed a chatbot that uses logic statements such as if and else

Some of the challenges that we faced included not getting the right output and bugs in our code that made the program unrunnable.

We were able to overcome the challenges above and create a functioning chatbot that we learned a lot a lot about.

We learned new code and classes through the research conducted for this project.

If we get this connected to the emergency services database, many people's lives can be saved.

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