Emergency situations within complex structures have procedures and exit routes that may be complex and confusing in panic prone conditions. A smart escape hood could reduce confusion and provide safety instructions to save lives and equipment, possibly avoiding further damage.

What it does

Uses 3D modeling of a structure/risk and identifies every exit sign with a QRcode from which to generate situational awareness and generates guidance for best exit path and safety/control checklists for each location.

How I built it

Unity based Android Smartphone App for Google cardboard

Challenges I ran into

Cardboard VR viewer obstructs vision, smartphone has to be pre-configured

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got project funded to continue development

What I learned

That I needed stand-alone AR headset that is ready to go

What's next for Smart Escape Hood

Use AR headset like MagicLeapOne

Built With

  • arcore
  • escape-hood
  • sketchup
  • unity
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