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About Us

First Aid in Flight consists of 4 unique individuals with a burning passion to start something new, create something innovative, and help our community. Our team consists of Addison Armstrong, Kayla Felderman, Nate Unruh, and Ram Teja Sajja. This project was born on the 12th of October, 2019, during University of Iowa's Hackathon.

The Problem

In our society, everywhere we go is densely packed. We put ourselves in many different dangerous scenarios. And one problem our team identified is the prolonged wait for the ambulance or any medical health. The national standard for medical response time is less than 10 minutes and fifty-nine seconds. But many communities and cities around the United States do not meet that standard. That time between the event happening and medical attention can be life or death. And our team wanted to give medical attention as quick as possible. And that is when First Aid in Flight was born.

Our Project

Our team wanted a service for the local community to quickly and easily access medical needs when the time comes. In Iowa City, there are 14 primary Emergency Service Provider Locations, ranging from University of Iowa Hospital to the Police Station. Each location will have several different MedPacks, Drones, and supplies. When a 911 call is in action, the operator will call out the closest drone to them with the proper MedPack to help them while they wait for Emergency Medical Services to arrive. But our team is developing a community web page that our community can access these drones for smaller emergencies.

Using the code given in the Github, the prototype is accessible.

Drone Station Map

First Aid in Flight cares about how we station our drones. Our team wants to put drones in places that will be beneficial to the area around them and to be efficient with their area. The location of the drone stations are at Emergency Services Provides like Hospitals, Police Stations, Fire Stations, and Ambulances. Below is the map of all locations and location names.

Location Map

List of all Stations

First Aid in Flight Medical Packs

One of the necessary items for First Aid in Flight is diverse medical packs. Medical packs contains a range of medical supplies, spanning from AEDs and Epipens to bandages and gauze. Our team decided Iowa City may only need two different medical packs containing different supplies from each other. One kit contains all common medical supplies and the second one contains more extreme medical supplies like an AED.

MedPack 1

Weight and Price of MedPack 1: 392.67 Grams, $16

MedPack 0

Weight and Price of MedPack 0: 2791.145 Grams, $2,477

Every MedPack has a custom weight that it must keep under. Our team has calculated every weight and price of each item. Labeled on every item, there is the weight and approximate price next to them. Our team wants to make sure these MedPacks are light, efficient, and cost effective.


Drones are the most essential part of the First Aid in Flight project. These drones must be efficient, quick, and have a high payload. Depending on well known, affordable, and technologically advanced drones, DJI was one of the clear winners. This Silicon Valley born company brings unique, groundbreaking technology for everyone around the world to use.

Our Team researched many different products of DJI's to find the best 4 drones that could work for our project. Below, the four drones are listed with information about them that pertains to First Aid in Flight.

DJI Matrice M210 RTK V2:

  • Max Payload: 1230 grams
  • Max Flight Time: 28.5 mins
  • Max Speed: 43 mph

DJI Matrice 600 Pro:

  • Max Payload: 5500 grams
  • Max Flight Time: 26 mins
  • Max Speed : 40 mph

DJI Matrice 100 (Remote Controlled):

  • Max Takeoff Weight: 3600 grams
  • Max Flight Time: 40 mins
  • Max Speed: 49 mph

DJI Inspire 2:

  • Max Takeoff Weight: 21360.78 grams
  • Max Flight Time: Approx. 27 min
  • Max Speed: 58 mph

Drones Used for First Aid in Flight

In the end, two drones come out on top with good numbers all around. The DJI Inspire 2 and the DJI Matrice 600 Pro. Our team implemented these two drones for the Iowa City area.

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