The impact came from idea. I went to the site "shelter for koalas" to donate money for their emergency rescue in 25th of January, but I saw a message on the site saying "thank you all for your support." It made me very angry. Indeed, many people just like me could not save the koalas in December, because they simply did not know about it. Now the coronavirus epidemic is exactly the same problem. If people at the very beginning had a high level of awareness, they would be able to raise funds for artificial respiratory devices at the very beginning Overall, I think funds will raise more money and people will be more cautious, if somebody tried to connect them. We need them, and they need us

What it does

it notifies people of the onset of a natural disaster, providing them with important information about the event and the opportunity to instantly provide with small economic support

How I built it

_ I built part with notification using FCM firebase, than took their storage to store information about fund. I built part with ui on xamarin forms i built part that take info about funds and HEADERS in azure using web api _

Challenges I ran into

i didn't know firebase before, and never used xamarin.forms and, only c#

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm really proud not actually of my self, but people, which helped me out(youtube, some of hack the earth crew), work alone though,tough( I tried to find any other apps that do the same, but i couldnt(

What I learned

see my skills, them, only basics, but still

What's next for Emergency Donations

i will rewrite xaml), but shure i want try to win a government grant to continue my work

Built With

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