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Considering conditions of pandemic, the EU governments are doing everything possible to help their citizens overcome this crisis. In some cases, foreigners are not affected enough by government initiatives, while being the least protected social group. So, they endanger themselves, their loved ones and their nearest social circle. These people often experience lack information because they do not speak the local language. Moreover, they need psychological, legal and governmental assistance of various kinds - life and health of these people, as well as the whole society, depend on this.


While developing a solution to the problem, we proceeded from principles: SIMPLICITY, RAPIDITY, PUBLIC ACCESSIBILITY, AVAILABILITY FREE OF CHARGE

As foreigners usually have poor knowledge of Polish because of its complexity, we have taken translation to the following languages as a basis for solving the problem: English, German, Russian, Turkish, Hindi. According to statistics of the Administration for Foreign Affairs, those foreign languages are quite popular in our region.


Our team is based in Poland. So, in order to help foreigners here, we have created an infrastructure: chatbot linked to the Facebook page as well as a website that allows:

To inform foreigners living in Poland about the latest information related to COVID-19; about the measures taken by the Government, limitations related to the pandemic; and also possibilities to help people in a difficult life situation; Provide access to the dedicated Coronavirus hotline in Poland;

To inform about e-Government and its initiatives (in Poland it is ZUS (ePUAP) (https://www.zus.pl/), Tymczasowy/Profil Zaufany (https://www.gov.pl/web/gov/zaloz-profil-zaufany/), PESEL (https://www.gov.pl/), which allow access to digital government services in Poland, including: financial assistance and various types of support provided by the government;

Support UNHCR in helping refugees (specifically by collecting donations to help refugees financially)

Provide free legal and psychological assistance to foreigners by contacting operators/volunteers;

Provide self-diagnosis/self-report

#What you are planning to do next

Based on the principle of "feel free to help", our team plans to unite foreigners in isolation into one solid community. Every member of this community can help each other while staying at a safe distance, in a way of:

1) Local/Regional development: Integrate ready-made forms of basic official documents necessary for a foreigner's life in the new reality of Poland (including ready-made templates) into the services of the website;

Chatbot improvements - moving the infrastructure to Google Dialogflow, making it more interactive;

Connecting the infrastructure of the website and chatbot with newly created services of Google and Apple.

2) European development: Service segmentation and implementation in all EU countries and regions (various volunteer groups, public services, hotline numbers, etc.).

Creation of interaction tools: for users from the same region to communicate directly with each other, as well as with legal, psychological and any other support specialist.

** The idea of this project is that in such difficult times, continuous communication between people becomes the most important element. We are getting closer to each other, especially when each of us needs help. This project will connect broken, fragmented, social ties as points into a single solid entity to help others. **

Feel free to help Team BeSimple

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Important update - new Emergency Chatbot functions are implemented.

Information on gov. services including "Tarcza 3.0" Novel form of financial support for students Benefits for expats Info on border control situation Visa procedures Staying and Working in Poland Legalization of stay during COVID-19

Emergency Chatbot is available on our website. https://immigrant.com.pl/

While working on this project we've been using AIde.Ninja ® Automated Chatbot: https://www.aide.ninja/

It's developed by our team, Check the latest updates: https://www.linkedin.com/company/besimple-mvp/ https://www.facebook.com/besimple.mvp/

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We are launching a website immigrant.com.pl link as a part of the project infrastructure. This is one of the first projects I've been working on as a head of BeSimple team link. Check it out!

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CodeVsCovid19 was quite resultative - our chatbot is already implemented and available on Facebook. We are working hard to make sure all the foreigners are safe and informed.

New emergency chatbot functions are implemented:

COVID19 Hotline

Emergency numbers

Main menu button 'More services' gives access to the latest information on COVID19 and following functions: Global analytics and Maps Self-diagnostics Legal information and Electronic government

Legal information menu provides with: Attention! (01.04) - Important info on laws and regulations in Poland during COVID19 Legal information - official information provided by the government Foreigners support - information on actions to support foreigners

Also: Electronic government button has been added Those are the links to the electronic government services: PESEL for Foreigners ZUS (ePUE) Profil Zaufany (ePUAP)

Steps are: First - check if you have a PESEL number Then register on ZUS (ePUE) social insurance service After that, you can create Profil Zaufany (Trusted Profile)

We care about You. We care about People!

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Important update - new emergency chatbot functions are implemented: Main menu button 'More' gives access to the latest information on COVID19. Legal information added Please check Legal information menu:

Attention! (01.04) Legal information Foreigners support

'Attention!' button provides with information on special rules and restrictions related to COVID19 epidemic in Poland. This info currently available in Polish, but will be available in English and Russian.

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