Songwhale is a digital media agency located in Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in mobile marketing, web design, and app development.  Recently, Songwhale has been working with their collegiate partners to develop creative education-related apps. One of these apps is the Emergency Button App. This application is used to alert local authorities on University campuses in the event of an emergency. It can be opened on mobile phones if students are walking in unsafe areas or just for added protection while on campus. When individuals download the app, they first create a personal profile with name,school address, contact information (email and phone), emergency contactinformation, and a personal deactivation code. After the profile is created, students are brought to a “slide to unlock” screen before reaching the EMERGENCY button to avoid accidental activation. This can be done before the student begins walking so that the button is easily accessible if needed. The EMERGENCY button appears in the center of the screen for students to touch in an emergency. After it is hit once, the entire screen will become sensitive to touch and the button will begin to flash. The student then has to touch the button again to alert authorities. If the button is not touched a second time within 3 seconds, it will reset anderase all hits. In this case, the button must be hit 2 more times to activate it. A message is sent to police with the student’s information and a link to a website that displays the current location of the student. If the student enters his/her deactivation code, an additional message is sent to let the authorities know that the student is safe.

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