Much water is wasted because the parties skilled in or responsible for fixing water leakages are unaware of most water leakages. By the time they come to know about water leakages, it is too late. The public may come to know about these water leakages, but they have no skills or authority to fix them and they do not know whom or how to contact for fixing the leakages. If we can devise a system whereby the public can notify the concerned parties, and the concerned parties can track leakages on a map, it will have a huge impact.

In order to make such a system more popular and cost effective, it will be prudent to group water leakages with other problems where the public would need to inform concerned authorities. It is with that idea in mind that I came up with this notion of Emergency Alerts & Response System.

What it does

This project includes a typical webpage where the public can notify the concerned authorities about water leakages. On the left side is a Google map showing pinned locations of different reported incidents. On the right side is a user-friendly simple form where the reporter can give location and type of incident and then give the reporter's contact details.

In the back-end there is a MongoDB database to save and update records of incidents.

When a reporter or a responsible official opens this webpage, the Google map shows reported incidents. When the reporter fills out the form and submits it, the Google map is updated and shows the new reported location, and the Verify tab shows this new entry.

On the Analyze tab, I planned to shows an analysis of incidents. On the Predict tab, I planned to show some predictive analytics results.

How I built it

This is a much enhanced and simplified version of and

Challenges I ran into

Placing GoogleMaps, Node.js, MongoDB, etc together was challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A user-friendly single web-form with all the pieces together.

What I learned

GoogleMaps, Node.js, MongoDB

What's next for Emergency Alerts & Response System

I am planning to develop a text-messages based reporting system.

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