The Covid-2019 pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on the behavior of people and the relationships between individuals and countries as well as the blow to the economy. The adaptation of work environments to the new normality, the exploration of new models of relationships between individuals, dissemination of strategies to improve resilience, assertive communication of the new postcovid-2019 rules and a strengthening of mental health and emotional well-being are being the new challenges to overcome

What it does

Dissemination, promotion and training of mental health and emotional well-being as support of improving resilience and assertive communication of new postcovid-19 challenges.

How I built it

Through our eMentalHealth-Campus online as a repository of online workshops, tutorials and guides to support self-help therapies in the management of anxiety, depression and burnout syndrome also includes access to mobile applications.

Challenges I ran into

We are currently working on the implementation of online workshops based on virtual reality scenarios for the therapeutic support of health workers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We belive that it is a project with a deep social and human focus, focused mainly on the dissemination of strategies and models that help people overcome their experiences and adapt to the new postcovid-19 normality.

What I learned

The mental health impact of the covid-19 pandemic has yet to figure out.

What's next for eMentalHealth-Campus

We belive it is a project with a huge projection. Countries that gradually manage to overcome the covid-19 crisis will need training resources to the new normality of their population. Other countries such as India and Brazil require guides to support citizens that are easy to use and that help overcome the crisis. Guide such as the one carried out by our team during the crisis in Spain and Italy that can be seen at (Spanish version). On the other hand, international organizations like the European Commission have opened numerous social inclusion and well-being projects in which the project is clearly aligned.

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