The main problem we are focusing is the inability of differently abled people to communicate with normal people or other differently abled people. Now, we are here with the combined Hardware and Software solution which is called “EME”, after analysing some problems. And, try to make the next generation Support Device for differently abled people. (Deaf, mute & Blind)

What it does

There is a Hardware project which consists of a Hand Gesture Recognition and Smart Blind Stick. Smart Blind Stick for “Blind People”, in this when object comes near to 1 m than less, then, buzzer beeping with increasing in beep frequency as object comes closer, through way they get an Alert. Hand Gesture Recognition for “Dumb People (or mute people)”, because they have their own sign language but normal people don’t know the sign language which is used for intercommunication between mute people. This system will be useful to solve this problem and help them to make their interaction easily with the people. They can communicate hassle-free by using this device & with the help of our app EME, we converted gesture pattern into text to Speech. In our app, there so many specifications-

  1. Speech to Text (for Deaf people, to understand other people communication)
  2. Text to Speech (for Dumb people with bluetooth connectivity)
  3. Text to Speech (for Normally use)

How we built it

In the Hardware of this project, Smart Blind Stick for “Blind People” using Adruino, Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04, IR Sensor & Buzzer to give alert and Hand Gesture Recognition for “Dumb People” using Arduino, Bluetooth HC 05, LDR Sensors & our app EME, through we convert gesture pattern into text to Speech.

We build our app on Flutter which is a hybrid platform using dart language. Because Flutter apps can run on ios and android devices. Then, Text to Speech with bluetooth connection and Speech to Text were implemented with our skills.

Challenges we ran into

Due to lockdown, we don’t have much hardware components. So, we try to figure out this with Arduino Uno and Bluetooth in specific time duration. Also, make an app with such functioning is new to us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working of Hand Gesture recognition is so efficiently and accurately. Also, make a this device very cheap around 13 USD. ( There some sensors in market whose cost around 30 USD each then for four fingers 120 USD with other components additional cost also) And, converted Text to Speech & Speech to Text successfully.

What we learned

Learned a lot about that without having much components, how to make efficient project in hardware in specific time and also, learned about the new sensors. Moreover, built a more functioning mobile app.

What's next for EME

In terms of enhancing the project, we can introduce Obstacle alert Helmet for Blind People using circular rotate sensor like a radar and with the help of Gyrometer in hand gesture, we can increase the limits of signs means able for whole sentence instead of common words. In terms of marketing the product, we would like to initially target differently abled people center of our region.

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