In a medical emergency, every second saved could mean the difference between life and death. First responders and doctors in emergency rooms need to instantly know if a patient has medication allergies, what blood type they have, and other critical information. With our system, they now can.

What it does

EmBracelet is an NFC/RFID silicon made bracelet that contains medical informations about yourself. You can upload on the cloud your emergency contacts, blood type, allergies and anything that you feel comfortable sharing. We also created a reader to give to those who own phones without NFC.

How we built it

In order to build EmBracelet we used NFC/RFID silicon bracelet. For our proprietary reader we used a particle photon, a joystick, RFID RC522 Reader, battery supply, I2C LCD screen and arduino programming to make everything work. On the software side, we created a database with Mongo DB and a web-app in Angular.js that reference that database through Node.js and Express.js. We also used Twillo's API to have an interactive communication with the client's phone to send reminders about taking medicines. We also made it easier to the client to respond and check in with the person in charge.

Challenges we ran into

On the hardware side we had problems with the rfid scanner since it had problems reading the tags. Unfortunately, none in the building was able to help substantially. Even when we went to Microcenter, the employees told us that they did not have an RFID readers. Despite all of the discouragement we kept looking for it and finally found it in an Arduino Kit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud to have a fully functional hardware receiver and a tremendous interaction between the database, the hardware and the web-app. We are very proud about the user experience of the web-app since it is easy to navigate and it is easy to find the information you need when you need it.

What we learned

We, as a team, had a blast working with each other. We always helped each other out when any individual was struggling by maintaining energy, focus, and a sense of purpose. This was definitely excellent and worthwhile experience.

What's next for EmBracelet

Give the opportunity to further improve this project one of our main priorities is to increase our level of security on our cloud. For EmBracelet the next step is to create a phone application that is used by admins to control bracelets and their informations.

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