Our product "EMBRACE" aims to assist people suffering from these conditions by providing capabilities that allow them to work independently even when their brain and sight don't allow it. The elderly are the primary customer segment we are targeting because this disease is more common in this population and the requirement to manage the patient is higher. Others who suffer from a similar condition can also benefit from the product.

What it does

Sensors connected to the microcontroller include the pulse sensor and the glucometer which will keep a track of the regular health conditions of the person by sensing the data and uploading it to the cloud. If any abnormalities in the health are traced i.e. if the sensed data is beyond the normal range, the caregiver will be given a text and also the relatives will be notified. The thingSpeak cloud is used to store the data that has been generated on a real-time basis.

Google Firebase is used for storing the medical history of the patient for future reference by the healthcare support and doctors.

Smart lock system- created with starter code (one-time password with 10-minute validity and emergency contacts were added additionally). Twilio is used for sending notifications to emergency contacts and also to the nearest health center.

How we built it

Arduino IDE Hardware Modules Sensors Actuators APIs Twilio ThingSpeak Google Firebase Figma

Challenges we ran into

Interfacing the Wi-Fi module with ThingSpeak Setting up the cloud connection Carrying out a survey Medical research on Alzheimer's Patients Market research

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing a system after considering all uncertainties and failure scenarios. Defining primary and derived context according to patient type. Approaching people for a short survey about the idea

What we learned

Condition, lifestyle, and challenges faced by Alzheimer’s patients Existing support/technologies for them Converting ordinary everyday objects into extraordinary gadgets Integrating various modules to make a full-fledged Product

What's next for EMBRACE

A few of the secondary features like a refill system, a Proximity sensor, and identifying the user with the help of a camera could be included to make the product better and commercialized.

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