Girls in Tech Mental Health for All Hackathon

Embrace MVP self-help tool for compassion, healing and strength.


I transitioned careers in January 2020 - after working in digital media communications for 6 years, the close of 2019, my work environment had become toxic. I doubted my skills and despite building an organisation from 2 people to nine and from one country to two, I had lost confidence in myself. I knew I wanted different and enrolled for a Full Stack Development bootcamp in Barcelona Spain. In January of 2020 , I left my husband and 3 kids ( two teens and a pre teen) to go learn a new skill and find myself. I had come across the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, this helped me journal my way back to believing in myself. I am now in Season 7 of a 12 week sprint, I am more confident and can process my thoughts and emotions in the written word and reading about other women who have succeed after had times and doubt. The application is therefore a companion for anyone who is after self care and also finding others in the same boat.

What it does

  • Allows a user to create a profile
  • Journal their thoughts
  • Give daily gratitude
  • Write and read other peoples fail-up stories
  • Chat with other persons like them
  • Have daily meditations
  • Meet new friends with common interests.
  • Get professional help.

How we built it

  • Broke down the journey to self belief into activities.
  • Designed the app wireframes.

Challenges we ran into

  • Finding out about the challenge by accident with only a couple of days left before the deadline.
  • Building a mobile app with little experience in the technology used ( React Native)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Coming up with a concept based on experience.
  • Creating the app wireframes

What we learned

  • All it takes is putting in the work.
  • Use boilerplate code to start project, it saves time and effort.

What's next for Embrace

  • Completing the app MVP
  • Styling the app for better UX
  • Creating the DB
  • Testing with users
  • Incorporate education as part of the self help process because without knowledge and awareness change is not possible.

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