I was inspired to make this game by a classic I used to play a lot a few years ago. It was a 2D game called “ Super Mario Bro ''. I wanted something similar to it but not exactly. So of course did something any child or adult would want to do, make their favorite game come to life… Well, kind of, I always wanted to make a 3D first person game so I started planning out all my ideas, and differences that could make the game fun and enjoyable. I wanted this game to be unique, So I added not only JUST cubes and circles of different sizes but also custom models. And added features like: moving platformers, disappearing and reappearing platforms, platforms that rotate on its x axis and more. My process was to first plan this all in my head, then onto notepad and finally into unity, modeling and programming.

What it does

This game is a platformer with a twist. It's fun and adventurous. It gives this lava, fire and volcanic vibe that just add more feel to the game, and some features include a main menu with a “how to play” button with instructions and tips on how to beat the game (except the last level). Level 4 is the hardest level in Emberdoom right now!

How we built it

I built this project in unity, some of the models are made in unity itself and others in blender and the programming is all with C#.

Challenges we ran into

Challenge #1: Making the room, I had a lot of trouble trying to make a room for the levels since I didn't like the idea of making 5 faces of the room since it may cause lag and I would like the player to have an enjoyable time playing instead of worrying about lag. SoI tried out an asset called “ProBuilder” but no luck with that either.

Solution #1: After careful thinking I came to the solution to make 1 big cube then hollow it out.

Challenge #2: I originally planned so I would make a door at the end of each level leading into a hallway for the following level but that didn't work since I couldn't manage to make a hole into the cube

Solution #2 After more thinking I decided to make each level beside each other and use the same “teleporting” script I used for the lava (when the player touches the lava they go back to the checkpoint), but instead of “respawning” it would transport you to the next level.

Teleport Example: link Example of level side by side: link

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am most proud that this is my first complete 3D game i've made in unity and of course using blender for the first time.

What we learned

Making Emberdoom allowed me to experience my hobby and passion to code at a young age even more, expanding my knowledge of C# and introducing myself to 3d modeling and advanced game development. So in other words I learned tips on 3d modeling, learned a lot more C# than before and most of all made my first finished 3d game, overall this was a big and fun learning experience for me!

What's next for Emberdoom (3D Game)

I feel like if I could add more ideas and incorporate more items which could make my game more fun I would add some objects such as: bouncing materials and speedpads all to make Emberdoom more enjoyable. I also let my friends and family test out the game, some of the feedback was to add a stopwatch where the player can see the time it took them to complete the game. Most of all I would like to add many many more levels, some fun ones and some challenging!!

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