We have been using Confluence for not only our internal processes but also documentation for our JIRA add-ons - UpRaise & Automated Release Notes. One problem that we always faced was, customers had to use the help documentation outside of the actual application. This additional step always ended up in non-conversion for evaluators or increase in support tickets for existing customers. That is where the idea of 'Embedder for Confluence' emerged.

What it does

Embedder allows space administrators to embed their Confluence space content into any webpage. It generates a small snippet of code & off you go.

How we built it

Embedder for Confluence is built with Node.js using Atlassian's Node.js package atlassian-connect-express. Our application uses REST APIs to search the content and show the page view in widget.

Challenges we ran into

Rendering the styled content using REST services!! From documentation (here) it wasn't clear on how do we get page content along with css styles to show on webpages external to Confluence. Few posts on developer community helped us to find options what we needed.

What we learned

Node.js, building widget using js

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