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The key to strong communication is to allow sharing in a more secure and reliable way

With Embed&Share you can embed typingDNA patterns into your files secured with RSA encryption. sha512 verification and additional password protection layer for ensuring the integrity of the documents.

Let's make sharing as secure as it is easy!

About Embed and Share

  • Plagiarised data everywhere. No way to ensure which content belongs to whom. Be it a content creator, a musician, a business tycoon, a student, etc.
  • Sign your documents and data in the most secure way using your typing pattern.
  • Only you can verify and change the content, using your unique typing DNA.
  • Be it music files, pdfs, photos, 3D files, .cad files - We handle it all
  • Provides 3 layer security for your documents
    • typingDNA pattern
    • RSA encryption
    • sha512 file integrity verification

How we built it

  • Using React and NodeJS.
  • Modifies zip metadata for embedding the typing pattern and userId inside it.
  • Maintains the sha verification file for data integrity
  • Deployed on google cloud

Challenges we ran into

  • Ran into minor but many issues, but a huge huge shoutout to Adrian Poaca for the last moment help with the typingDNA API issues. You are a truly awesome person!
  • Scaling image


Signature process

Signature process Architecture

Verification process

Verification process Architecture

Why is this product different?

Unique Embed Design It gets embedded with the documents of ANY type to protect its integrity using the sha512 algorithm
Strong Encryption Adds a digital signature over your data. If someone changes the data - the signature won't be valid
Highly secure Allows the user to add a password protection layer, if they want it more secure
Plagiarism Easy validation of your content will help reduce data copying and modification
Data privacy We do not ask for your personal information, neither store anything on our servers. Everything is truly yours

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