For many years now, there have been struggles to disrupt the healthcare industry innovatively. Companies like Fitbit and Garmin introduced wearables to help patient wellness. Michelle Obama introduced the Let’s Move campaign to make school lunches healthy and kids active. Despite the many great efforts made in this direction, the emerging idea of preventive, personalized, precision medicine was still not reached.

Our app aims to move towards this by targeting the root cause (something which has been identified by many medical journals)- lack of interprofessional communication/collaboration in the healthcare field.

One of the team members’ uncles is a doctor. He stated that for any sort of professional knowledge growth he AND his big circle of professional peers has to either a) talk in person b) wait for costly conferences or c) form groups over mediums like Whatsapp. We have done our research by looking at research findings stating the true need of our idea by doctors across the country.

Our app addresses the issues above.

Most importantly, we are aware that doctors may not want to openly discuss patient issues, which is why we introduced anonymity.

Now, we believe it’s time for the healthcare industry to adapt our app and improve lives.

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