eMath.com is an artificial intelligence powered, web-based adaptive learning platform for real-time personalized teaching, learning, and remediation. It is the ONLY adaptive learning platform completely customizable to any curriculum at any school so that what happens in the classroom and on-line are seamlessly integrated. All stakeholders are always on the same page and can work in synergy at school, home, or elsewhere.

The adaptive Learning technology behind eMath was created specifically to overcome flexibility limitations of other adaptive learning technologies which rely on built-in content for their analytics to work. eMath’s technology works independently of content forms and sources (think about how Google works). eMath goes one step further with personalized recommendations and action plans.

eMath supports both instructor-led and student-initiated learning. It tracks a student’s learning proficiency in real-time and provides diagnostic reports and individualized remedial content, study guides, and practices for the most productive teaching, learning, and remediation.

eMath is Proven Effective: Over 3 years and being used by 16,000 local classroom students around Indianapolis Indiana, eMath has consistently helped students achieve 1-2 grade level better results. The most recent classroom data provided by a school faculty (based on his 870 students) showed that eMath helped 95% of its regular users (who did at least 50% of class-related work on eMath) achieve a grade of C or better vs. 64% prior to the introduction of eMath. (Student testimonials are available on eMath.com homepage).

eMath Enables Differentiated Instruction and Individualized Remediation: Besides administering assignments, quizzes, reviews and tests, teachers can use eMath’s deep analytics on “What”, “How Much”, and “Why” a student is failing to learn to make pedagogical adjustments in real-time on both class level and individual level. eMath’s individualized recommendations (remedial reviews and practices) provide teachers actionable plans for immediate interventions in the most effective and proactive manner.

eMath Supports Teachers, Not Replaces Them: eMath is the only adaptive learning system NOT textbook-specific. Its ability to be completely integrated with school curricula, classroom teaching and learning, assessment, and remediation means eMath lets teachers teach the way they want to instead of dictating what and how they teach with prescriptive content and system.

eMath Addresses Both Conceptual Understanding and Procedural Fluency: eMath reinforces knowledge mastery and critical thinking ability in addition to computational skills. eMath helps students see how concepts are related: what they have learned before is used today in a new way, and what they are learning today is built upon what they learned yesterday. With constant recalls of all relevant concepts/knowledge students can build strong connections in their brains, which help enhance long-term memory of the knowledge.

eMath Facilitates Self-paced Progress and Empowers Students to Take Ownership of Own Success: eMath’s adaptive content, including videos, is personalized to individual needs (saves teachers’ time searching and picking). There are various question guides, knowledge guides, and step-by-step explanations on every concept and problem. eMath’s personalized “Study Guide” functions as an instant review that feeds individualized content precisely where and when a student needs it.

eMath is Economical – eMath only needs a few weeks, a fraction of the time/cost required by other similar systems, to set up a completely customized application for your school/district.

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