We got inspiration from the people who introduced us to the Google Cloud APIs. We thought about how can we use those tools to their fullest potential and help people visualize their life in an easier way.

What it does

eMapped is a web application that lets people upload all of their photos to it.

eMapped is a web application that helps people to manage their photos easily. It gives them information on how they felt on the day and helps them know where they took that photo. It also gives relevant hashtags for the objects found in the picture - this is really useful for tagging photos for instagram or other platforms. The website also has a world map view where you can see all of your pictures scattered all over the map. The profile page helps you to know how many photos you have, to know where is the most visited country of yours and other information.

How we built it

For the backend we used Flask - python with Firebase authentication and the Cloud Vision API for retrieving information about the photos. For the design part we've made a prototype of the website on Sketch then implemented it with HTML, CSS.

Other helpful tools we've used:

Challenges we ran into

We both knew how to work with flask and Mongo DB Atlas but it was our first time using Firebase so we encountered a lot of problems/bugs that took our time and because of that we couldn't finish/connect every piece of code to HTML.

What we learned and Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've learned

  • How to work with Firebase and Flask
  • How to work with the Cloud Vision API
  • How to get coordinates from the EXIF tags of a photo
  • We researched about working with the Maps API
  • Lerned new design skills/language

What's next for eMapped

We would like to work together to fix every issue and to finish the whole project. Stuff we would like to add:

  • Finish the public profile pages where people could view anyone's profile
  • Finish the grid and map views
  • Create an "about" page with information about the developers and technologies used
  • Add cool animations to CSS
  • Learn and implement everything with SASS and Vue.JS
  • Create a documentation on GitHub with the steps to run the app on your own environment
  • Host our website on the Google Cloud Platform with App Engine
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