I believe many organisation has not adopted SharePoint Online in Office 365 because it is simply to complicated to access when you want to save or find content. As most of the information we get today are on mail, this should be avilable directly from the mail client.

In additions, when ever a O365 Group, Planner, or Team is created a Group site is created. Saving files and or e-mails into these sites should be easy and done directly from Outlook on any device.

A simple way of saving email and attachments from Outlook to SharePoint Online and Group sites. Not only on an Outlook Client for Windows. This feature should be avilable using webmail, on Outlook for MAC and also on IOS and Androide devices.

What it does

Saving email & documents has never been easier. Stay within Outlook while saving & organizing emails and documents in SharePoint Online or Group Sites. Directly from Outlook to SharePoint Online using iGlobe E2S Add-in on any device, Windows, MAC, Tablets, Web mail, IOS or Android.

How I built it

E2S is a cloud based Office add-in for Outlook. Using Microsoft Graph, Fabric UI and the authentication and consent model

Challenges I ran into

Getting it to work on all client and devices. The Fabric UI

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A simple and very user friendly add-in

What's next for Email2SharePoint

Enhance the functionality in the add-in

Built With

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