Everyday I receive a lot of emails and I feel the pain of missing important emails. So I want to build an iOS App to help me organize my email inbox. And I want to do email inbox analysis at the beginning, but I only have two weeks when I started working on this project and I was enjoying the final 2 weeks summer holiday, so I failed to finish all the features I would like to achieve at the beginning, like uber bill data visualization and social media network graph visualization.

But now, it's still a cool 0.8 version project and here's what it does right now.

What it does

It can use extracted information to create or add dashboard and filter inbox email with the dash. And you can choose which email you care so that you won't get too much email notification and never miss important email.

  1. Divided your inbox into 1st and 2nd by importance and personal information
  2. Create Dashboard to filter your own inbox by email content, person or social, billing, university and so on.
  3. Automatically extract important contact to organize the inbox
  4. Allow specific alert from Dashboard, never missing important email!

It's safe and I respect user's privacy, I utilized Google OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization to get the email inbox. There is no reason why there's only USC and UMich selection. :)

How I built it

I built this App with context-io api and gmail service api. And of course, Apple iOS resources.

Challenges I ran into

context IO challenge.

What's next for Email Organizing

More function and data visualization on managing relationships, keeping track of travel itineraries, storing receipts and financial analysis.
It's full of potential, and it could be next workflow

I will keep working on this project and involving all I want to do two weeks ago.

I already submitted to Apple Store on Sep 3, and I will post app store URL when it's approved.

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