Working in an international team involves working in multiple time zones. As a result, there are tons of emails of JIRA issue updates in the Inbox every morning. The plug-in is designed to reduce the read time of these JIRA notifications by intelligently grouping JIRA issue updates and sending them as a digest at a scheduled time per user.

What it does

Add-on intelligently groups JIRA issue updates and send them as a digest at a scheduled date/time. The configuration is global as well as per user so every person can choose the best time to receive a digest email or turn it off.

Receive Personal Email Digest

  • Dozens of JIRA email notifications in one digest letter.
  • Get exclusive digest with the updates specifically for you.
  • Email Notification Digest will group notifications by issues in a chronological order.

Custom Digest Schedule

  • Adjust frequency and time of the digest that will be suitable for you.
  • Turn on/off email digest for the whole JIRA instance or per user.

Automatic Setup

  • Working out of the box with the default configuration.
  • Add-on does not require technical skills to configure.
  • The system will automatically let you know if email server is misconfigured or the license is invalid.

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