The idea to simplify the way we read and keep track of emails inspired us to create this application

What it does

The application allows the user to login with his Microsoft Outlook account, and have access to a timeline view of his emails. Each timeline pertains to a particular topic. When he hovers over the timeline, he sees the key points discussed in the email; when he clicks on the timeline, he gets to see the entire message content.

How I built it

We used the Microsoft Outlook REST API integrated in python and django. We set up a server in django and created a Microsoft Developer Application which has access to the user's email account once he authenticates with his outlook credentials. We used the Topia python library to extract key points from the body of an email. We designed the timeline using HTML, Bootstrap CSS, JavaScript.

Challenges I ran into

First we tried to create a Microsoft Outlook Add-In, but it had the limitation of reading only one mail at a time. Hence, we switched to use the Microsoft Outlook REST API integrated in python and django. Finding key points in the body of an email was a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we chose a topic which helps the user keep track of his daily email activities.

What I learned

We learnt new technologies like Django, Microsoft Outlook REST API integrated in python.

What's next for Email Content Manager

There is no limit to the modifications that we can make in this application. Every minor improvement will make this application more efficient and useful to the user. For the immediate future, we are planning to integrate other email accounts like Gmail, and also enhance the timeline to enable more data to be visible there.

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