The inspiration to build a Community capacity building service that consolidates emergency planning and response information in to single app that can provide location specific information from a make a simple single app that can consolidate information for lots of sources,

The idea is that users will initially get access to the service when they attend a Community Emergency Capacity Building event. They can continue to share access to the service through any social network or a QR code directly for the App

What it does.

The app is structured into three levels of community engagement.

The Standard Version provides Location specific contact and resources information for all of the emergency services, including definition of the types of emergencies where they are the lead agency.

The app also provides and off line resource that documents simple generic information on best practices actions with each of the possible types of Disaster.

The system will also have detail of the what to do before, during and after a disaster.

The system has a notification service that will send and pop notification to all registered use

The Community Version of the app provides more details and allows the user to be more engage in the community. to opt in and use their particular skill set to help or get help from the community after a disaster event.

The business version of the system is very similar to the Community version of the system however the shared or available resources that the business is offering the the community are provide by the buiness rather than an individual.

The business version of the system also has a wizard based methodology that allow the businesses to build a Emergency Management and recovery plan for their business.

How I built it

We devised and conceptually structure that system then we created some pencil wireframes the developed the web service using Python and the Flask Framework.

This concepts is scalable across the world so we have created our iconology to segment to the possible disaster and services. The location specific logos for these services is presented in their info tile.

Challenges I ran into

This is a very complex

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The concept has been realised I am extreme proud of every on that has been involved

What I learned

What's next for EMC2

Built With

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