Our main inspiration for Elysian was our own feelings since all of us had experienced the lack of motivation to do anything related to learning at a point. These feeling were certainly amplified due to Covid-19 and so we decided to create an app which assist with distressing and re-igniting our motivation to learn. Additionally, we know a major barrier of life long learning is someone's mindset , and so we wanted to make an app that made learning so much more fun and exciting to do! Especially during Covid, the majority of people's mindset are mainly negative and one of Elysian's purpose is to make a staying at a home a little entertaining.

What it does

Elysian works towards providing individuals with opportunities when they want to jumpstart their personal growth. The way of learning is more than just training, a class curriculum or an e-learning module, it is learning through everyday things. The simplicity of the day-to-day challenges is easy to understand. Not to mention, our app is very user-friendly. During times like these, when a vast amount of the population is working from home, and the pressure is greater than ever, Elysian has incorporated stress-relieving activities. This is a step towards personal growth, developing new skills, overcoming obstacles, and lifelong learning. ​

How we built it

We used MIT App Inventor to make the basic screens of the app. We also used Canva and Wix as add ons to make our project appealing.

Challenges we ran into

MIT App Inventor has a lot of limitations so we had to improvise and create templates instead. We also had a time restriction which caused us to rush everything.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An accomplishment we are proud of is overcoming our challenges and our critical thinking. Even when our original ideas did not work, we looked for alternatives that would. Additionally, our goals set for what we will do for this hackathon were all achieved in terms of the tasks that we originally planned to do.

What we learned

We learned that coming up with an idea and following through with it takes a lot of time, which we did not have. So we had to improvise and come up with better solutions to our issues quickly so that we would not fall behind.

What's next for Elysian

As already mentioned, we had a lot of obstacles regarding time restrictions, where we were not able to incorporate everything we wanted to. In the future, Elysian will be updated to have a community scoreboard to increase competition as well as different features such as timers. We also want to add a personality quiz at the beginning of the app, that takes into account the personal interests of the user and suggests activities and challenges related to them. We will also provide a wider variety of challenged and activities to do.

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