Many of us tech enthusiasts have always been interested in owning an electric vehicle, however in my case like in India you can go 100s of miles without seeing a single charging point once you leave the big cities. In my case my dad was not ready to buy an electric car as its not even possible to travel from my home which is Bangalore to Manipal(Location of my University) as there aren't enough charging points on the way to make it. This gave me the idea for this project so that everyone in the future will be able to own an electric vehicle.

What it does

Our application Elyryde allows owners of electric vehicles to find charging points on the way to their destination by using the map on the application. It also allows owners of electric vehicle charging points to list their charging point to generate revenue when the charging point is not being used.

This will also enable people to perform long distance road journeys as they would no longer have to worry about running out of charge on the way to their destination.

This app provides a push towards green and sustainable energy by making electric cars more accessible to people around the world.

How we built it

Our application is built with Java for Android. We designed the application with authentication by email and password through firebase. We also set up a firebase realtime database to store longitude and latitude in order to plot them on the map. We also made use of Google maps api in order to plot the locations on the map and allow users to navigate to their nearest charging station.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we faced was with the firebase integration since we were quite new to firebase. We also fell short of time to build the profile page where the user could list his charging points.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to contribute towards making a push for green sustainable environment where anyone can own an electric vehicle without any problems. We hope that people in developing countries will soon be able to own electric vehicles without any problems.

What we learned

Over the course of the hackathon we learnt about firebase integration with java. We also learnt about how much of a difference in carbon emissions can brought upon by making a switch away from fossil fuels and other polluting substances. Electric vehicles will help bring down pollution in many parts of the world.

What's next for Elyryde

The app offers a beautiful solution towards the growing disparity in developing countries and electric vehicles. Machine Learning and Statical Analysis on the data collected has the potential in aiding corporate investors to Set-Up Charging Stations in strategic locations. It can allow high end investment as well as increase public utility. Something which our app also lacks is regulations, Creating a self-sustaining community of Electric Vehicle Users with some guidelines will further aid in democratizing the app. Finally, the app works towards sustainable development and hopefully more green-utility is can be added to it.

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