Personal experience and talking to medical students gave us insight into problems faced by the NHS as well as outdated systems to improve people’s health information and NHS’s recommended advice.

What it does

To streamline the end-to-end pipeline from testing results at the nurse’s end to people viewing their test results online.

How I built it

Python Flask server side. Plotly for visualisation. Node.js for nurse client side. NHS API calls - conditions, medicines, search and live well.

Challenges I ran into

NHS API understanding, HTML code generation, difficult to find relevant data (some did not exist), a more coherent technical layout - some field values to get text were difficult to scrape resulting in presentation and parsing difficulties.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Live, working end-to-end MVP with data very similar to actual blood tests.

What's next for Elucidate

Security frameworks such as proxy re-encryption for access control between nurses and people + privacy requirements. Adopt the framework to expand on blood tests and other tests that are feasible to be made online. Improve user experience as well as use more NHS data to support test results.

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posted an update

Market Research conducted in front of the Science Museum

“The app is useful. Normally, I can’t even see the data. Poland already offers a scheme for paying and then checking the results quickly.” – Adam

“Usually, I need to ask questions to the receptionist, and they don’t have enough knowledge. The NHS website is not that good, it really depends on what we’re looking on. The app makes the process is a bit more efficient and quicker. ” – Karen

“I can know more about the results now, I usually have no access to test results. An “action plan” might be useful to display as well.” – Andre

“The app currently excludes who’s digitally active. Don’t circle the square.” - Ceema

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