To improve outcomes using patient engagement, Elsa wants to facilitate adherence to best practices in care guidelines. Welcome to a brand new day.

Patients complete scheduled and unscheduled activity to become health champions. Our app shows front and back end interface and analytics.

Global Health Impact: Asthma is a serious and widespread disease, affecting 300 million worldwide with cost to society over $50 billion per year in US healthcare expenses, missed school and work days, and early death. Childhood asthma has sky-rocketed in inner cities.

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), which afflicts 100,000 Americans, is the most common inherited blood disorder in the US. In 2004, there were about 113,000 hospitalizations for sickle cell related illnesses in the United States, 75% occurring in adults. Estimated annual cost of hospitalization that year was $488 million.

Welcome to a brand new day.

What it does

Elsa is a mobile-friendly patient engagement platform for health education, best practices for self care and prevention.

80% of risk factors reduced by: LIFESTYLE = EAT SMARTER + MOVE MORE.

We all need someone that can act as our mirror and help us see things that we may not otherwise see and hold us accountable to those purposes that we have set.

Creating a culture that engages best practices shows the most effective promise for social change to prevent the incidence of much earlier and in greater numbers than any device may amount to.

Gamification will magnify patient conscienciousness for optimal results by creating conversations: Who is your mentor... accountability partner? How is it working? Do more of this...

The challenge is to track and manage care and reduce risk factors: Self-care and education Early Diagnosis and best practice preventive strategies Improved health outcomes Our goal is decreased incidence of complications and for escalation triggers when necessary.

We are targeting partnerships with Texas Children’s Hospital to use our application as tool for mutual objectives.

We will use partnerships like these to target their constituents: Offering badges and incentives for individual use Clinic visits Position Elsa waiting room intake kiosks or tablets for patients waiting for doctor Physicians may also offer Elsa as patient resource

Our platform provides solutions: For Patients Users: Elsa offers A lifestyle and health gamification scorecard on how well they engage in healthy steps to stay AHEAD in their care plan Triggered alerts via scheduled push notifications on which steps to take for better care. Education and diagnostic protocols for health condition screenings make users more aware of how they are tracking toward their progress

For Care Centers, Elsa offers A green (revenue and sustainability) scorecard for how much time and overhead cost captured from previous intake process that now shifts to care activity. Enable care teams to focus more on delivering care to more people who have logistics challenges of getting to care facility. Patient engagement on best practices for self-care Track and achieve better outcomes for those with risk factors.

Leverages existing infrastructure of widespread mobile technology Elsa delivers self care with language translation Enables clinician focus on patient care and engagement. Y/N Questions, easy to understand, use of graphics

We leverage diagnostic protocols and documented best practices to benefit patients/users by: awareness through education of self-care; early detection of conditions that lead to risk factors; alerting users to seek care if needed; offer a list of local care centers; engage users in effective steps with high correlation to better outcomes that improve condition; providing answers to their questions Enable doctors and medical care teams track protocol compliance Streamlined communications between care teams and patients.

How we built it

We are modern-day Nehemiahs of the multi-disciplinary Elsa Project Team building our engagement platform leveraging the following development technologies: HTML5, CSS3, javascript, php, firebase, Twilio, Amazon Web Services, GoogleAPI, gitHub, and Slack.

Challenges we ran into

Reconfiguring forms for digital process that is relevant and integrates system data with user data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Masterminding with, learning from, and developing a team of 5. Learning from and offering insight to other teams.

What we learned

Hacking-We found alot of good questions we are incorporating for screening.

We learned from research how powerfully our app, Elsa, will: make a big impact on the overall local and global health through early detection, education, and prevention particularly in US and also for global health, and how patient engagement innovations from our minimum viable product is used for social change.

What's next for Elsa - Patient Engagement/Disease Management

Incorporate standardized ranking system (consult by physician) Documents risks, market-driven feedback mechanisms Health Champion badge/rewards and other engagement incentives Language: Switch from translation algorithms to human translators Accessibility Certification

Proof of Concept: build on our project objectives to: Show a user tested scorecard of Health Champions and Ambassadors in time for: Marketing campaign: (with primary care physicians and general public.) Community events World Health Day 2018 (4.7.18)

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