We value the authentic energy of a live performance and seek to elevate the way people consume traditional media. Our goal is to empower artists to monetize their music by creating a new platform to distribute content and engage consumers.


In the new media age, consumers continually seek new engaging ways to interact with their favorite artists. Video streaming is a passive experience, while traditional live performance isn't always accessible.

Artists are increasingly challenged to profit from album sales as consumers buy into licensed audio streaming services. However, these services are not returning fair value to the artist community.


Deliver an intimate engagement, bridging the artist and a larger consumer base through creative storytelling; extending the concert beyond the stage and bringing the energy of the live performance into the user’s space.

Business Viability

Artists have a new mode of entertainment by which to engage the consumer. This elevated experience can be presented as an upgrade and incentivize people to purchase an album versus experiencing the music via streaming services.


So Why Human? We view technology as a tool to bring the heart of performance and deep emotional connection, making the audience eager to support the artist directly.

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