In every city, people face many challenges when it comes to security. Whether it be robberies, kidnapping, assault, or any other unfortunate situation that puts citizens at risk. We asked ourselves, how can we use technology to help solve this problem?

What it does

EP Safe is a collection of data visualized using GIS. This data is collected from different sources and is processed to give a score on how save a particular area is.

EP Safe Zones is another way to consume this data. Anyone who feels that they are in danger of being attacked can request a safe zone through the mobile app. A safe zone host will then approve the request. People entering a dangerous zone will be encouraged to consider safe zones by notifications.

Our users get a notification if they are detected to be in a danger zone and are directed to our EP Safe Zones app… Here an interactive chat bot guides you through the entire process to quickly find shelter in a known safe zone. Once a zone is found, all that’s left is to navigate to safety

How We built it

EP Safe takes several data sources such as: news, twitter, public records, and community driven data. This data is then processed and a ‘danger score’ is assigned to GPS tagged locations. We use azure COSMOS DB in order to integrate and store all the data. Having all the info, EP Safe is able to visualize the data on a map using GIS and azure maps API

EP Safe Zones consumes this data to bring more safety to our users.

Challenges We ran into

We had never worked with service workers or the Cosmos DB. Through trial and error we were able to implement push notifications making use of service workers. The documentation for Cosmos DB made the integration quite easy.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

As a team, we are really proud of ourselves because we were able to work on different components as individuals but were able to integrate them with one another quite easily.

What I learned

Microsoft rocks.

What's next for ELPASOSAFE

Keep growing our data sets. Knowledge is power and the more resources we can integrate into our system it becomes more powerful and valuable. We'd like to reach out to the city's MPO and see how we can expand it more.

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