Eloquentify was inspired by Facebook's Gif search functionality, by which users could search and send gifs to their friends to better convey themselves.

What it does

Eloquentify is a tool that allows users to find quotes or suggestions on diction to enliven their conversation. Eloquentify will take into account the tone of the conversation to suggest 5 quotes or thesaurus suggestions designed to better illustrate yourself, or to just make yourself sound smarter.

How we built it

Eloquentify is a node app running on heroku with a php back-end. The back-end sends the last few messages in the conversation to IBM Watson's Tone Analyzer. As the user types in their message, our app uses their message to query for quotes, narrowing down based on some simple natural language processing and the mood of the conversation to generate smart-sounding quotes or thesaurus suggestions to brighten up the conversation.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges to making Eloquentify was combining all the moving parts. We developed separate methods for the quote API and the thesaurus API, with different languages. Therefore to solve this problem we needed to run the python code for the thesaurus API as a separate API that node would call instead of it being called locally. And we were hungry a few times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were quite proud with the node demo we created. We made a very intuitive looking example that tries to simulate what a messaging platform might look like with Eloquentify.

What we learned

One of the biggest things we learned about was it's always best to keep our work in the same language for the same platform. If we had focused more on this during the development of Eloquentify we would have progressed a lot faster.

What's next for Eloquentify

The future for Eloquentify would be to integrate it into a variety of social media platforms, or as a keyboard for mobile platforms so that users can Eloquentify themselves in any situation. What we also wanted to add but didn't have enough time to do was integrate Twilio's API, to build a working example of Eloquentify on its own chat platform.

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