Inspiration(1) "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline, I want to bring a pop culture infused metaverse to life because most current metaverses are a bland walking experience. Inspiration(2), Minecraft, Fortnite, pop culture and memes.

What it does

A massive social gaming experience set on Mars, players fight each other for survival with their crypto brought weapons when not building on their NFT land. The World is full of pop culture objects, in-jokes (especially regarding Elon Musk) and memes.

How we built it

Instead of 'built', how we build it is better. This is an evolving project at its foundation. ElonMarz is being built with design thinking philosophy applied to fundamental Metaverse design principles.

We have asked the question who is using the Metaverse to focus on what users want to experience. Users want Minecraft, Fortnite, blockchain, and media content.

Challenges we ran into

The past thinking on metaverse development of build, create hype and create product demand through FOMO. We want a solid base of customers by creating product that customers will enjoy using.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The satirical approach to media IP challenges in order to generate an unlimited supply of media content as content is king. Use of strategic thinking to map out and hone in on opportunities in the new Metaverse. Having the foresight to not reinvent the wheel.

What we learned

The sheer size of pre-existing virtual Worlds both in user base and developer community. I also learnt that I have the skills to draw on Minecraft and developer community resources.

What's next for ElonMarz

  • Rise Capital
  • Implement required Minecraft server plugins e.g. EnjinCraft (for blockchain NFTs) ,Dynamap (google earth for Minecraft worlds allowing browser overviewing).
  • Deployment and testing of product servers
  • The big launch

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