Our project's inspiration was driven by the massive stock market influence that is Elon Musk. The idea came to us when Elon Musk tweeted about an coming messaging platform Signal. Immediately the share price for Signal Advance Inc. skyrocketed and the kicker, Signal and Signal Advance aren't the same company. We realized Elon Musk tweeting about certain stocks can generate or destroy millions of dollars - this is our attempt to harness this to power a stock purchasing bot.

What it does

This application uses Twint to scrape any chosen twitter account every 5 seconds - we then use Natural Language Processing to examine the tweet for companies. then it will compile a list of possible company names. We execute HTTP queries to Yahoo Finance to check for any valid company tickers, and use those to purchase a user-set amount of shares in Investopedia's paper trading stock market.

How we built it

Included in the images is a component diagram that displays the structure of our software

Challenges we ran into

  • Initially, we wanted to use Tkinter to display most of our information. However, our application needs 2 separate threads to operate - the twitter-scraping, stock-buying thread and the matplotlib data visualization thread

  • There are no open libraries or API's that integrate with Investopedia's paper trading app, so we had to use an open source independently developed application to interface with Investopedia's paper trading market

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Managed to get the application working completely end-to-end, we can now point our application at the real Elon Musk account and watch how our trades do on the fake Stock Market!

What we learned

  • Basics of Tkinter
  • This project was a great review for Multiprocessing in Python
  • How to retrieve real-time stock prices from given tickers
  • How to retrieve company names from given tickers
  • Basics of NLP

What's next for Elon Stock Bot

  • As Investopedia's paper market doesn't support crypto, we could integrate our application with a fake market that does.

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