We provide an assessment management system for elementary school teachers made and designed by elementary school teachers (and some coders). The web account lets you enter students in your class and standards, and then design assessments for students to evaluate the standards. elmschool lets you design assessments, automatically grades the assessments, lets you browse/edit any assessments taken by students, collates test grades question by question to make report cards with the click of a button. Assessments made by elmschool incorporate speech to text and speech recognition provided by iSpeech. This allows the tablet software to read questions to kids. In addition word banks can be created for questions and the word bank items (which can include pictures) can be read to children. Assessments can be math questions (kids can show their work with a scratch pad on the tablet, pictures get uploaded to the web account), sight words, spelling words, reading fluency (kids audio can be uploaded to the web site to stream later during meetings or as a link to parents), multiple choice, fill in the blank, or short answer. When a kid takes an assessment all questions are automatically graded and posted to the teachers web account for review later and for inclusion into report cards. elmschool is meant to make life easier for teachers and learning fun for kids. It is so easy to use, check out our tutorials to see it in action. This application is designed to work in conjunction with an elmschool web account which can be acquired at elmschool.net. Web accounts are per user not per tablet (i.e. a teacher can use multiple tablets with their web account and only need one web account).

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