Around 40% of people over the age of 60 report feeling some degree of loneliness. We decided to create ElMingle to solve this problem!

What is ElMingle?

ElMingle is a Twilio calling service that will match you with a person near your age range. You'll be able to find that person to talk to and meet someone new!

How did we make it?

We used the Twilio Phone Call Service to provide the calling infrastructure. The function will ask you for your name, age, and gender identity. We added Google Cloud functionalities to automatically match you to a person with similar interests. Your information will be sent to a Firebase database where the python script is searching for a potential match with similar interests. Once a match is found, you are both added to a conference call and are able to chat!

How do I use ElMingle?

Call 814-30-ELDER to talk to someone new, today!

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