We have both observed and experienced how the US Immigration process is complicated and can be a real burden on people who are a valuable part of our community.

What it does

Ellis is your immigration companion throughout the process. It will provide you with checklists so that you can submit the right forms and processes, track the status of your applications, give you access to an affordable immigration lawyer marketplace, and provide you with a supportive community of people that share your experience of immigration to the US.

How we built it

We built Ellis with Django, Python3, Bootstrap, Sketch and InVision. We created designed a database structure, started building out the application, beautiful mockus, and fleshed out functionality as well as next steps. We built a landing page and lawyers immigration page.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge we faced was scoping the project well enough that we had a reasonable MVP to work on. Using the Django framework to build the application was a learning process and stitching together all the work that we did individually was a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We took a complex problem and developed a useful solution. We also worked together really cohesively as a team of people that had not worked as a group before.

What we learned

Many of us worked together in a team setting for the first time and learned new tooling. Some of us learned that there are a lot of complexities that can complicate building projects quickly, while others learned that getting launching a simple app is a smaller time cost than thought.

What's next for Ellis

We intend to more fully implement our site. Improve the lawyer marketplace with more lawyers and a method for finding and vetting professionals. More research can be done to increase the information we have on the immigration process. Add application tracing process. Create a customer database that keeps track of customer information. Add a community forum for people to communicate ideas and support each other.

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