We were inspired by the existing mental health stigma and not having access to therapy to create a chat bot for an app that would be very accessible on your phone.

What it does

This chat bot talks with you about what you're struggling with and uses the Google natural language API sentiment analysis to collect data for how you are feeling on that day. This data is summarized in a calendar that can be sent to your therapist for additional detailed evaluation. The chat bot is built with Dialogflow.

How I built it

Dialogflow, ReactNative, Go back end sever

Challenges I ran into

VueNative (initial method)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Progress with Dialogflow

What I learned

How to work with several Google cloud and react native features.

What's next for Ellie

Pairing with FitBit heart rate data to have the app be able to reach out when it detects anxiety and/or panic attacks.

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