To raise awareness and provide a simple and interactive way to medically educate people.

What it does

Smart AI that responds to questions and concerns you may have about your health.

How we built it

Ellie is built using IBM Watson API and Node-RED.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting to Node-RED to implement Ellie with Telegram. Also none of the team members are experienced in the medical field, which required a lot of time to research and implement information as accurately and organically as we could while falling within HIPPA guidelines.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working with IBM Watson and implementing a working AI Chat Bot that worked with different external applications.

What we learned

Working efficiently and effectively in a team environment, dividing the work according our individual strengths. Also we've learned proper API implementation with IBM Watson.

What's next for Ellie Health Bot

Moving forward from the demo that will be displayed at the Hackathon, Ellie will learn about other diseases as well as other common symptoms allowing the users to get a higher quality experience and further their knowledge on the subject. Also we would potentially bring Ellie to a web platform and mobile app and SMS

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