With years of experience introducing and improving omni-channel order fulfilment strategies to enterprise grade retailers, the Fluent Retail team is well aware of the many gaps and pain points faced by customers after completing their orders online.

While retailers focus on improving customer experience on their ecommerce channels, most of their efforts stop at checkout and order confirmation. Customer order updates after that point are not generally well communicated. Thus customers are often kept in the dark, they either have to wait or go an extra step and call customer service with long waits to know about fulfilment status and expected arrival times.

Even though some companies have interactive methods like live chats etc, it’s no different to waiting on a call centre queue until your turn arrives. With increasingly busy lifestyles, customer don’t have neither the patience nor the luxury of being on hold with too often very frustrating outcome, not getting more information than what they already have.

Eliza bot is intended to narrow this gap by facilitating interactive information via a chat channel that customers can subscribe to, and are able to directly ask status update on their order as well as automatically get fulfilment & delivery updates as their order progresses through the lifecycle.

Key values to customer:

Ability to ask about order status to Eliza BOT who will instantly provides current status and other tracking information. If customer opted for collection/ pickup in store, ELIZA can also give store opening hours and other key information about the collection process. Receive notification as order progresses through and interact with further options

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