To many, life boils down to a balancing act. It's difficult to be financially successful, all the while maintaining good health and relationships, and sometimes we lose motivation in one or more of these areas.

But through our transaction history, banks can offer so much more information about our lives, but more importantly, they can show us how we can improve.

What it does

Elixr's aim is to promote a healthy physical and financial lifestyle, and incentivize users to improve these areas with rewards. We analyze each user's transaction history, and offer a list of goals that promote financial, mental, or physical wellbeing.

These range from ensuring the user has kept up with their investments, to making sure you've been walking and exercising often. If you complete these goals, you get points, that you can spend on relevant rewards, such as percent cash back, or wellness prizes!

How we built it

Elixr was implemented on both web and mobile, and uses a variety of great technologies:

  • Flask - a lightweight Python framework
  • Materialize - a responsive CSS framework *Android - for phones :P

Challenges we ran into

Things went surprisingly smoothly, but we ran into a few roadblocks:

  • Trying to balance our project with the awesome events and talks.
  • Getting routing to work between flask and javascript was a bit of a pain.
  • Gradle dependencies, that is all $&%#(%& :'(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing everything on time, AND getting a few hours of sleep!

What we learned

We all became more familiar with different web and mobile technologies, and we had lots of fun as well!

What's next for Elixr

We could implement more goals on both mobile and web, and also add machine learning in order to predict better goals. We were also very interested in adding a social component to this app in order to better encourage group improvement, so this is another feature we look forward to adding in the future.

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