My [Chaitra's] grandmother, Suugunanda Radha Krishna, passed away when she was 72 years old, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 68. I was 11.She didn’t have very much, but she was the first person in her entire family out of 9 children to go to college, and one of my biggest inspirations. Before she died, her memory retention was so for gone that she didn’t couldn’t even recognize my mom — her own daughter. Her diagnosis was not just fatal but heartbreaking for both me and my mother. This experience inspired me and my team to create something that we believe could have a significant impact on the 700 million other patients in the same situation.

What it does

Elixir is meant to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s symptoms through exercises that stimulate brain function. Most of the memory and sensory retention capabilities that are lost can be heavily slowed by playing simple memorization games. We created the features of our app based on these ideas.

How we built it

We used xcode, swift, and dictionary APIs to make several features in our app.

Challenges we ran into

We encountered many hurdles during this project. We spent over 3 hours on research alone for which features were the best to implement. Additionally, none of us had ever used XCode or Swift before, so coding the app itself was extremely difficult for us. The whole API implementing process and coding, editing, and re-coding took us more than 20 hours, and we stayed up all night. Finding resources was extremely difficult, since attaching a database would take more than 3 hours, and implementing APIs was extremely difficult. Additionally, since the app regards medicine and medical information, there was a lot of research involved and a lot of privacy issues that came into question. In the end, we managed to code two different settings for different types of Alzheimer's patients, and made our functioning features very personal and, according to the research we found, extremely effective.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made the aesthetics very visually pleasing and implemented several features.

What we learned

We learned how to use xcode and swift, and make a usable GUI. We learned how to code an app and create several frames, as well as how to code the various buttons and properties.

What's next for Elixir

We hope to implement a routine feature that can be effective at combating sensory deterioration in patients. We also hope to establish a garden or hobby simulator to make the app more interactive and interesting for the patient as well as the caretaker.

Built With

  • buttons
  • database
  • dictionary-api
  • random-word
  • screens
  • swift
  • xcode
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