• The search system in current applications is based mostly on categories and we wanted to make searching content more personal. The idea that the user can search content based on what feelings they want to have and not just end up browsing the categories endlessly and find nothing special in the end.

  • We wanted to bring the social emotions and reactions to Elisa Viihde.

  • Elisa Fiilis is supposed to be a unique experience like never before!

What it does

  • Elisa Fiilis does video sorting a bit differently. Instead of using the usual parameters, we decided to add “real” feelings. The users tell the system which emotion they want to feel and Elisa Fiilis will recommend videos based on that.

  • The users add their reactions while watching the videos similarly like in Facebook Live and their reactions are added to the database to help other users find videos (crowdsourcing).

How we built it

  • Elisa Fiilis is built on PHP framework Yii which fetches data from MySQL database and views everything in HTML+CSS in browser.

  • We wanted to add some extra fields to the videos (emotions) so we pulled 50 videos from the Elisa API and stored them in the database, from where the application fetches the data.

  • The application is run in cloud by Digital Ocean (Ubuntu).

Challenges we ran into

  • We came to realise that the Elisa API documentation had some misleading information which lead to multiple hours of unproductive work.

  • We tried to add the reaction buttons inside the video.js structure, but failed miserably due to too much energy drink and not being able to concentrate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We implemented all the features that we originally planned and the idea of the concept is clear in the demo site, there isn’t too much of extra stuff. We kept it simple but it enriches the discovery and watching experience of Elisa Viihde movies

  • The UI design is implemented as planned even though we had tight schedule

    • UI has the look and feel of Elisa Viihde and it feels familiar for the Elisa Viihde users
    • Custom made emojis
  • The scale of the feelings:

    • we were able to find out feelings that cover the usual feelings most people have about movies and match them with custom made emojis
    • tested also them with few users and asked opinions from several other people

What we learned

  • We learned that 40 hours (minus sleep) is not enough time to create a real application with only two (2) developers.

  • We also learned that if you drink enough energy drinks you can actually achieve nirvana.

  • Actually we all learned a lot of small things which will help us in the future (and next time in Junction) but we are just too tired to think about our mistakes.

What's next for Elisa Fiilis

  • Sharing feelings to social media while watching the movie

  • Funny way to see what your friends are watching and how they are feeling about the movies. You might get interested about the same movie!

  • Probably could add more feelings as well to provide more well-tailored results for the user and also conduct more user research on them. For example how to use the feelings when searching content for kids

  • One main idea was to create a timeline based chat, where users can add comments to a certain point in the video timeline. Others can then view the comments in the timeline and comment to them. All the comments would be gathered to the common chat of the video, where each comment has a time signature based on where it was written. This way we could socialise the video watching experience even more!

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