the urge to help the informal teachers acquire the certification to continue earning a living and get a chance to go the next level through an easy way of saving for their college fee which will also enable them access loans

What it does

the application enables the teacher to save as minimum as 50Ksh daily via Mpesa and track all his annual savings. It allows the teacher to access loan which is determined by his savings. The teacher is also able to view his account balance and check whether he qualifies for a loan and if he does he can see how much he qualifies for.

How we built it

It is built with java scripts using android studio as a framework

Challenges we ran into

lack of

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we were able to create an application that will enable the teachers to go through the college education by saving for their college fee and also access loans . The teacher will be able to track his savings record.

What we learned

many informal teacher are not able to access the college education regardless of their willingness to learn due to their small incomes and lack of or poor saving habits. Using the application the teachers will be able to develop a good saving habit which will help them raise fee for their college education.

What's next for Elimu Kasi

it intends to engage the informal teachers to test on its effectiveness and also try to educate the teachers on its advantages and how well to interact with the application. Through marketing strategies we intend to create a awareness off the application targeting the informal teachers across the nation.

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