Inspiration: I'm a computer engineer with no experience in JavaScript or Objective-C. I could have gave up and moved to a different prize category, but I decided to center my project around the average consumer.

What it does: Simply demonstrates the capabilities of the Elgato Stream Deck beyond the broadcasting and plug-in development..

How I built it: Just used the Elgato SDK and If This Then That for the Domino's web service.

Challenges I ran into: There were a few bugs (See below). Also the big challenge of using this for something besides it's intended use (Broadcasting)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I was able to prove that this product isn't just for broadcasters and plug-in developers. It can be used for other things.

What I learned: I learned that I need to learn JavaScript and Objective-C. I also learned how cool of a product the Elgato Stream Deck is. I had never seen it up until yesterday.

What's next for Elgato Stream Deck (ESD) for Average Consumer (AC): I might buy the actual product for personal use after this is all over and hopefully learn how to develop custom plug-ins.

Built With

  • elgato-stream-deck-sdk
  • ifthisthenthat
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