Elevator Haters Club spawned from HackReactor, a javascript school that Guy and I went to. At HackReactor, to promote health, we started a competition to see who could run down/up the stairs the most times by the end of the week (we were on the 8th floor). This spawned a lot of buzz around the school and by the end of it, one student managed to scale the stairs over 120 times! With our EH app, we wanted to bring this same sense of community and competition to Yammer.

ElevatorHaters help everyone to be healthier in the workplace. They can create competitions for people to counting fitbit steps, biking miles, drinking cups of water or even .

ElevatorHaters solve hard problems. In your workplace there are often small side projects that the company would love to get done but they don't have the resources. EH gives them a platform to put a bounty on those challenging side projects for example reducing the page load time, building that internal widget or running around the building.

ElevatorHaters gets people together under a cause. By competing on a Cook-off for Asian Women's Shelter, you help others while making new friends.

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