Contruction companies spend thousand of dollars to get the elelvation of their road projects which can easily be achieved via google maps elevation api.

What it does

My webapp provides the ability to get elevation graph of two given points i.e., start and end. You can choose to get directions or draw your own polily (if the road doesn't exits, being able to draw the polyline gets you the accurate result cause there would be no way of getting directions otherwise.

Once you get the directions or draw the polyline, you get the button to get elevation which returns the elevation data alone with the elevation graph and the ability to download a csv file containing the elevation data.

How we built it

Built using Typescript

Challenges we ran into

Rendering directions, graph overlays

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is my first project in Typescript. I am proud of the whole project.

What we learned

This is my first project with google maps api. I didn't know much about it prior to this.

What's next for Elevation Maps

The ability to download the graph and add/remove polylines/markers in directions. This module is part of a PAAS I am building for construction management for large road construction organizations.

Built With

  • axios
  • google-maps-services
  • nextjs
  • react
  • react-google-charts
  • react-google-maps
  • typescript
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