Winston Churchill once said, "Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning." Hearing my friends and classmates stress over finding, organizing and documenting their community service hours was something I could relate to. Not knowing how to organize all of my projects has always posed a problem.

What it does

To solve this issue, I wanted to create an app that would organize and keep an accurate record of all my volunteer hours and provide me with a convenient method of finding local community service projects that interest me.

How we built it

I used a series of coding blocks provided by Mit app Inventor to build this app.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest problem I had was finding the problem. First, I had to decide what I was struggling with that no one else had brought light to and tried to solve yet. After deciding on an issue I went out and asked around if others had the same problem as me and surprisingly I wasn’t the only one wondering where to record my volunteer hours or where to go if I wanted to volunteer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm really proud that I was able to create an app that was useful to not only me but also my friends.

What we learned

The biggest and most valuable lesson to me was learning to solve my own issues and problems instead of going out and letting apps and google solve my issues for me

What's next for Elevate

The next step for me is to hopefully make the app more advanced and useful to others. I would like to expand on new technology .

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