{Mumbai Monsoon Challenge}

While querying for available transit services and checking traffic flow along roads to generate a custom route for a traveler would be the default choice in this challenge, we are taking a slightly more out-of-the-box approach to tackle this challenge since, in a lot of cases, during heavy rains, multiple modes of transit are out of commission at the same time and leave people stranded without any viable alternatives.

Our solution involves an alternate system of routing along with an alternate system of transit that we think the City of Mumbai should consider. Our transit model consists of supplementing the existing transit system with an alternate model during the quarterly monsoons.

We envision transit terminals on high-lying areas that the commuters can commute to using high-elevation routes (that we calculate and display, data from Google and ESRI – screenshot attached) and from there to travel on to other transit points through low-lying areas using urban hovercrafts that are deployed by the city. Indeed, there are many commuter models available – case in point, along with models that cater to a larger population size for public transit scenarios that are dimensioned to navigate through existing roads and routes.

We feel that this augmented system of routing and transit will effectively address the perennial problem that millions of Mumbaikars face since it effectively adapts natively to the conditions prevalent during those months.

Please look at http://fordinnovate.com/monsoon/ for additional details.

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