Eleutherios is inspired by the prior unity or networking principle of computer science. Where servers subscribe to the network in order to make requests to other servers on the network. Eleutherios does the same thing, except the server is a person or business, and the request is a forum or customer.

What it does

Eleutherios is a web app, that enables people or businesses to subscribe to a global cooperative forum or customer request.


  • Tags for filtering forums or services (search)
  • Forum in forum (scalability)
  • Blocking to prevent unwanted services or users from serving in forums, they have been asked not to serve in or for requesting services, they have been asked not to request (resilience)
  • Service ratings/reviews (trust)
  • B2B Payments (accountability)
  • Shared process or manifest (redundancy) [Not implemented]
  • AI (automation) [Not implemented]

How we built it

Eleutherios is built with Firestore backend to manage the data. For example, the recursive relationship between a parent forum and child-forum, is stored in a Firestore collection.

Angular and RX/JS is used on the client to manage a real-time subscription to the data on the server.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out, how to build a B2B and AI system?

What's next for Eleutherios

  • Fix bugs and finding end users to test the system.
  • Convert Eleutherios over to mobile (IPhone/Android).

Built With

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